Headstart is a six-month full-time attendance program in Campbell River for up to five male youth between 14-18 years.  The youth reside in specialized family care homes in the community while attending the strength-based, experiential day program.  All youth have access to individual and group counselling; teacher/counsellor supported education; social, cultural, and recreational activities; and work/volunteer experience.  If appropriate, youth are supported to engage in paid work opportunities.  Youth are able to earn 20-25 school credits during their stay.  The program helps young men to overcome the complex challenges they face and develop the needed pro-social skills to cope with these challenges.  Youth in Headstart may be eligible for one or more home visits.  All home visits must be approved by the youth's probation officer, the Headstart team, and the program manager. 


For more information please contact Tricia at 250-286-0222 (221), tricia@jhsni.bc.ca or Program Manager, Angie Prescott at 250-286-0222 (222), angie@jhsni.bc.ca.


Location:  Campbell River - Beech Street


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