180 Degrees Detox and Stabilization


The 180 Degrees Detox and Stabilization Program provides young people ages 12-19 with a comfortable, home-based setting to transition from substance abuse to a healthier lifestyle. Clients of this community-based, non-medical program enter voluntarily and have the choice to leave. Youth who are requesting detox services can self-refer to the program. They can also be referred by family, friends, social workers, probation officers, schools, or community agencies.

The detox component of the program is 1–10 days in duration. All youth entering the program are seen by a physician for a physical exam and screening for a non-medical detox. Most young people experience only mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms when they stop using drugs and alcohol. Although youth going through the withdrawal process often have few physical needs beyond rest, food, and comfort, family home caregivers also offer support on an emotional level.  The Youth Withdrawal Management Coordinator meets with the youth in the caregiver’s home to assist with the detox process. This may include outings from the home when the youth is feeling well.

After detox, youth may access a stabilization bed in a family care home to continue to address their drug and alcohol issues and begin rebuilding their lives. The stabilization component of the program is 1–90 days in duration. Education, harm reduction, and relapse prevention are emphasized. Stabilization may involve returning to school, searching for work, attending support group meetings, and making other significant lifestyle changes. Youth see a physician as needed during this time. If they are not already connected to a Youth Alcohol and Drug Counsellor, they will begin seeing one on an outpatient basis. As well, a Youth Outreach Worker invites youth to begin participating in healthy community activities.

In both the detox and stabilization components of the program, caregivers have daily (week day) contact with the Youth Withdrawal Management Coordinator and/or Caregiver Support Worker. Caregiver training and 24-hour support are ongoing, and respite is available.


This program is provided in both the Campbell River and Courtenay communities.



Location: Campbell River - 10th Avenue



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2014 - 2015 Outcomes

15 youth developed  individualized treatment goals to withdraw from drugs and alcohol and 86% successfully completed their goals.  7 youth attended the supportive residential services program and 86% of the youth completed the program.  11 additional youth were supported to access other withdrawal programs on the Island.  100% of the youth identified that their risky behavior was reduced and 71% said that their emotional health had improved.  100% of the youth felt their caregivers supported them in reaching their recovery goals.


180 Degree Youth Handbook

180 Degrees SR Youth Handbook