KidStart Testimonials

"My mentor is just a cool guy who is always there when I need him. He chaperoned my school trip for a whole weekend to Vancouver. No one had ever done anything like that for me before.

Weve been snowboarding and to hockey games and had all kinds of fun adventures together. Last week we went indoor rock climbing. We talk about life and always laugh a lot when we are together."

- 12-year-old Mentee.

"Before my son had a mentor he was headed towards a very self-destructive path...he would get in fights at school, be in the principal's office at least twice a week, use very bad language, sit around the house not wanting to do any activities, and have no respect for his family at home. Since meeting his mentor, he has improved already with having someone that can spend time with just him...he has not had any fights at school or been in the principal's office yet this year. He does not swear anymore, thanks to a chat about inappropriate language from his mentor. He looks forward to the activities that he and his mentor are going to do for the week. No more just sitting around the house fighting with his brother.
- Mom of a 10-year-old Mentee

"My granddaughter has more pride and confidence because of her mentor's commitment over the years. She was patient and helped her understand things about life and the difficulties she faced. Her mentor encouraged and coached her to do her best at school. Raising grandkids is hard and this program has helped more than words can say."

- Grandma of an 18-year-old

"My son has been hanging out with his mentor for close to two years now and they're best buddies. His mentor has had a huge and very positive impact on him. My son used to get in trouble almost every day at school, and I haven't had a single call from any of his teachers so far this year. His mentor fills the void in his life where his Dad used to be. It's so amazing to see the transformation in him since having a mentor."
- Mom of a 12-year-old Mentee

"KidStart has a direct positive impact on the children in the program as it exposes them to a different way of living, provides them with an opportunity to gain and cultivate their self-identity and confidence, and has the ability to enable them to make their own decisions as to how they want to interact with the world. KidStart also impacts our community as children will be entering adolescence and adulthood partnered with a supportive adult who is committed to their personal growth and happiness. This increases their ability to make the decision to be a constructive member of our community. I strongly believe in the KidStart program and support the program not only with my time bu financially as well."
- Mentor of a 14-year-old Mentee
"KidStart is a great opportunity to connect with a younger person and learn from one another and share in fun experiences. Being a mentor enables me to give the gift of supporting a younger person to see their potential, and the opportunities they can create in their life. Together we try new activities, adventures, and share great experiences. My mentee enables me to see the world through a different perspective, and I am always rewarded by our friendship, and the bond we've created."
- Mentor
"As a school counselor, I have had the opportunity to work and interact with with many children with varying degrees of social and emotional challenges. Through my work, I have learned that the most important mitigating factor in helping to develop resilient children is for kids to have a strong mentoring relationship with a trusted adult. While most of our children have this type of relationship with a parent or family member, the vulnerable few are not so blessed. The KidStart program goes a long way to fill that void in our community.
- School Counselor, Comox